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Title: Priorities

Life is full of priorities. Pick the right ones.

Reading Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly effective people was the first time I realized that doing everything on the to do list was not enough. In fact it is a killer. You never get to the things that can change the world.

I have a friend who came to visit many years ago. Each morning she and her husband did an inventory of what was important that day. At that time I thought that was pretty woo-woo. With life experiences I realize that all your power in life comes from your intention.

Please, everyone take 5 minutes or one hour each morning to set your intention on what is important for that day. You will be surprised at the end of the day that the mountain moves 0.0000001 inch.


Title: Shake It Up


Google-ing the word entrepreneur this is what shows up first. 

Origin early 19th century (denoting the director of a musical institution): from French, from entreprendre ‘undertake’ (see enterprise).

Perfectly fitting that it's a combo of a French and English word. Those who know me well understand the significance of this combo and the Francophile in me. 

So I'm standing on the edge of launching my next business. Well rather building the catapult and feeling the force of pulling back the weight and wondering what the future holds. 

Wanting so much to take a "new" open-to-the-possibilities approach and I-can-handle-whatever-happens with a kicker of the-universe-is-able-support-me that my naïveté came through when talking to my coach last week and she was so warmly congratulated me on getting accepted into a startup accelerator while my ego was throwing everything in the book at me to distract me from feeling good. I said very intently " but it's not possible to have a wildly successful company without putting in 80, 90, 100 hours in and giving up your life to the company to make it work". Her wise response was "so you can make it different."  Oh yeh. That I know I can do. I can re-write the book on building a wildly success if company that is doing good for the world while living a profound and meaningful a life. 

So the fist step to do this is to "shake it up". Thanks Coach Susan for your sage perspective on this one. It you want to take the next step in a new way, change the venu. That's what I'm doing. I'm going to an accelerator in New York for 4 months. Leaving, just for al little bit, all the things that have been my life.  I'll sleep in a different place, I'll go to work in a different place, I'll eat in a different place, and I'll be around different people.  So the trick is when you want to shake-it-up, to let it be different, and not try to take all of my life with me. Except the good parts :)  

#ilooklikeanengineer  Thanks Michelle Glauser for inspiring myself and others.