Consulting for Supply Chain

MinerConnection is a global supply chain and logistics consulting company giving you the power t
o transform your supply chains, logistics, and manufacturing operations.

With more than 30 years of experience working for multi-national companies, MinerConnection has the knowledge to drive out cost and complexity in your Supply Chain and Logistics operations. Call or email today to discuss your supply chain or logistics consulting needs.        
Supply Chain, Logistics, Logistics, Freight and Transportation
At MinerConnection we create new ways of thinking about supply chains using breakthrough techniques such as supply chain visibility, risk management, demand forecasting, benchmarking, and outsourcing. We develop logistics and supply chain strategies for companies ranging from global logistics providers to multi-national companies and startups.

Once the strategies are developed, we drive the initiatives that lead to the driving of new levels of supply chain performance and cost cutting across complex global enterprises. Our unique leadership style drives the best implementations that lead to industry changing innovation by launching first-of-its-kind capabilities and increasing productivity, profitability, and generating millions of dollars in savings to the industry.

Contact MinerConnection today for game changing supply chain and logistics consulting services.   
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